Extensive green roofs provide an ecological protective layer for waterproofing membrane and an alternative to ballast layers such as gravel or paving blocks. They feature low height and are lighter than intensive roofs. Vegetation dedicated to this type of roof includes various species of sedums, ornamental grasses and herbs. They can be planted as seeds, rhizomes, or ready-made vegetation mats. These plants are generally undemanding, so care is limited to one or two annual inspections. Additional irrigation is also usually not required on extensive roofs.



  • the possibility of using undemanding plants: sedums, grasses and herbs,
  • low maintenance,
  • no need for additional irrigation,
  • low system height and weight
System Dywan z rozchodnika
Sedum Carpet System

Sedum Carpet is a visually attractive roof proposal in extensive cultivation, requiring no special care.

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system height approx. 90 mm
system weight approx 95 kg/m2
water capacity approx. 25 L/m2
System Skalny kobierzec
Rocky Mountain System

The Rocky Mountain solution is a system that allows the roof to be landscaped with larger perennials, herbs and grasses for a more refined look with individual character.

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system height approx. 100 mm
system weight approx. 110 kg/m2
water capacity approx. 36 l/m2
System Dach klimatyczny
Climate Roof System

Due to its evapotranspiration properties, this system lowers the temperature in the immediate area. Its properties are especially appreciated during hot and dry summers.

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system height approx. 150 mm
system weight approx. 150 kg/m2
water capacity approx. 45 l/m2
System Dach skośny
Pitched Roof System

The basic element of the system structure for roofs with a pitch up to 25o is Floraset FS 75 drainage element. Due to its structure, in addition to its drainage function, it also prevents the erosion and transfers shear forces.

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system height approx. 130-150 mm
system weight approx. 115-145 kg/m2
water capacity approx. 38-44 l/m2
System Dach stromy
Steep Roof System

The system based on Georaster elements enables the arrangement of roofs with a pitch exceeding 25o.

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system height approx. 120 mm
system weight approx. 155 kg/m2
water capacity approx. 64 l/m2
System Nawadniany dach ekstensywny
Irrigated Extensive Roof System

In addition to the standard roof layout for extensive cultivation, the possibility of connecting an automatic irrigation system hidden in the substrate is added. Recommended for areas subject to prolonged periods of drought.

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system height approx. 130 mm
system weight approx. 120 kg/m2
water capacity approx. 37 l/m2
System Dach bioróżnorodny
Biodiversity Roof System

A biodiverse roof is an opportunity to build different biotopes, providing habitat for flora and fauna. Biodiversity with little effort.

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system height from 90mm
system weight from 95 kg/m2
water capacity from 25 l/m2
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