Arborflow sustainable urban drainage system is an effective and environmentally friendly way to manage storm water run-off.

It is ideal wherever it is important to reduce the speed and volume of surface water run-off.

Designed for a specific catchment area, it reduces rainwater run-off while providing adequate tree irrigation. Surface water is drained through the kerb inlets into the ground surrounding the tree and absorbed by the tree root system. Whereas its excess gets into a special chamber controlling the flow and from there it is discharged into the sewage system.

Arborflow delivers water to the deeper zones of the soil, which is very good for the growth and stabilisation of the tree.

The biggest advantage of the Arborflow system is its ability to collect, process, filter and break down contaminants carried by surface water. The substrate used in tree plantings is specially designed to withstand frequent, short-term water extraction without altering the physical structure and chemical properties of the substrate.

ArborFlow consists of prefabricated modules with side panels and corner pieces. The capacity of the systems ranges from 250 to 960 litres.

A grille with filter mesh and water level indicator is located on the top of the module.

Wloty Kerbflow
Kerbflow inlets

Arborflow inlets are heavy-duty, lockable, steel, kerb storm inlets. Their suitable construction provides a simple and durable way of draining rainwater to the catchment area. If necessary, the inlets can be closed and the inflow of excess water or pollutants is cut off. The closure system works well in areas prone to localised flooding and excess salt in winter.

Two inlet models are available: Corten and galvanised steel inlets

RootRain Linear Drain
RootRain Linear Drain

A robust and versatile linear drain suitable for installation in paved surfaces. It allows rainwater to run-off from the footpath or street and flow into the Arborflow element or any other underground system. The grate is made of a steel construction, while the inlet is available raw, galvanized or powder coated.

This solution effectively manages the run-off of rainwater while providing adequate irrigation and aeration of the tree root system.

RootRain Linear Drain perfectly complements Greenleaf range of tree planting products.


Arborcell modules are used to distribute water within the tree root balls.

They are designed in such a way to provide as much free space as possible (more than 90%), and, at the same time, to ensure high load capacity of the elements, so that they can also be used in road construction. They have a load capacity of approx. 1000kN/m
92% of the materials used for its production are recycled.


Hydroplaner is a modular rain garden system with bioretention capabilities. This solution is used to manage rainwater in the road, motorway or other facility projects. It provides storm water treatment and introduces biodiversity to new or existing urban spaces. Hydroplaner modules are filled with a special substrate, ensuring the development of individually selected plant species used in rain gardens.

A great advantage of these systems is an easy and simple installation ensuring quick effect and significant savings compared to other methods. They are made from 100% recycled materials.

Arborflow benefits:
  • ideal for use in urban areas with limited space
  • prevents local flooding by absorbing and retaining water
  • reduces the flow rate of water, thus relieving the pressure on sewer systems
  • filters harmful pollutants, traps silt and leaves
  • environmentally friendly
  • rainwater is drained into the surrounding subsoil, providing water directly under the root ball of trees, ensuring proper development of plants
  • quick and easy installation, no special equipment required
  • tailored to individual needs and situations
  • precise orientation of the root system, eliminating damage to the surface
  • improves the stability of the tree in the soil
  • compatible with other Greenleaf system components.

Arborflow Overview Sheet
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