Reinforced grass surfaces NetTurf and CitySoil instead of parking grids

  • 100 % biologically active area,
  • completely safe for humans and animals,
  • water-permeable surface, guaranteeing quick drainage of water to the ground,
  • increased bearing capacity of the surface in all weather conditions,
  • prevention of soil compaction and formation of ruts,
  • heavy vehicles may drive and stop on this surface multiple times,
  • the possibility of paving on low bearing capacity soils,
  • can be used both on the ground and on flat roofs,
  • the systems used to reinforce the surface are completely neutral to the environment.
  • emergency and technical access roads for passenger cars and heavy vehicles (e.g. fire roads),
  • roadsides,
  • pedestrian zones, bike paths,
  • sports surfaces: playgrounds, golf courses, horse racing tracks,
  • surfaces for mass events,
  • occasional parking areas, including parking stalls and manoeuvring roads,
  • runways and landing fields for airplanes and helicopters,
  • strengthening of slopes and embankments,
  • intensively used home lawns,
  • can be used on the ground, sloping roofs or flat roofs.
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