Depending on the type, the tree anchoring systems make it possible to securely stabilise trees both in the native ground and on building or underground car park roofs.

They are used as an alternative to the popular tree staking. They have a positive influence on root system development because the stabilising roots are formed faster than in the case where the trunk is supported with stakes.

The systems used for underground tree fixing are invisible, so they do not clash with the surroundings. Due to its design, the system can be adjusted multiple times. Dedicated to both smaller and very large trees.


  • high pulling force - approx. 1400kg per anchor,
  • different variants for different tree sizes,
  • designed for trees in all habitat conditions,
  • an effective and invisible method of tree stabilisation,
  • the ties do not damage the root ball,
  • available system variants: with anchors made of aluminium and high strength composite, with stainless steel plates and rings for installation with ballast system.

SAS system with aluminium anchors

SAS system with composite anchors

SAS D system dedicated to tree planting on building roofs

SAS AP system - AnchorPlateTM, dedicated to tree planting on building roofs

SAS M/L Overview Sheet
SAS D Overview Sheet
SAS AP Anchor Plate Overview Sheet
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