The anti-root membranes are used to protect waterproofing from damage by plant roots. They are used where the waterproofing does not have anti-root properties (mainly bitumen waterproofing).

Separation membranes protect waterproofing from stretching and damage by external factors.

Both anti-root foils and separation membranes are laid as loose layers or sealed coatings.

Folia przeciwkorzenna WSF 40
WSF 40 Anti-root Film

High-pressure polyethylene layer, durable and highly tensile, laid as loose layers, mainly used on extensive roofs and in pots. An anti-root film that is compatible with bitumen and polystyrene. Made without the use of plasticizers, resistant to aqueous acid solutions and oils. UV stable.

Folia przeciwkorzenna WSB 100-PO
WSB 100-PO Anti-root Film

Anti-root barrier made of polyolefin (FPO), compatible with bitumen, remains flexible at low temperatures, sealed using hot air. Tested for resistance to penetrating plant roots and rhizomes according to FLL testing procedures. UV stable (for storage)  

Folia rozdzielająco-poślizgowa TGF 20
TGF 20 Separating and Sliding Film

Chemically inert film used as a separation and sliding layer for green roofs, walkways and roadways. Compatible with bitumen and polystyrene, resistant to most chemicals, permanent UV radiation.

WSF 40 Overview Technical Sheet
WSB 100 PO Mat Overview Technical Sheet
TGF Overview Technical Sheet
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