Substrates for intensive planting are dedicated to roofs on which advanced greenery arrangements are planned with plants such as trees, shrubs, demanding perennials and lawns, both from sowing seed and from rollers.

We use recycled materials to manufacture our substrates.


Available substrate types:

  • Roof Garden
  • Lawn
  • Lavender Field
  • Flower Meadow
  • Urban Farm

The substrates with other design requirements and other uses are available upon request.

All types of substrates are produced on the basis of recycled materials; their weight, water capacity and proportions of mineral components and organic parts depend on the type of substrate.

Forms of delivery:

  • in bulk
  • in a big bag, approx. 1m3
  • Other forms of delivery available upon request.
Lawn Overview Technical Sheet
Lawn Overview Technical Sheet
Urban Farm Overview Technical Sheet
Lavender Field Overview Technical Sheet
Flower Meadow Overview Technical Sheet
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