FR and BTR drainage channels are used on roofs, terraces and balconies to quickly drain water from the surface and from areas where it accumulates to drainage layers.

Rynny elewacyjne FR 50 / FR 75
FR 50 / FR 75 Façade Gutters

Gutters installed under the front door or along the façade, directly on compacted, water-permeable substrate. Made of galvanized steel, covered with plastic. They have a removable lid. They are also available in a “Vario” version with adjustable length.

Odpływ liniowy z rusztem BTR
Trench drain with BTR grate

A drain with the function of collecting water and discharging it into the drainage layer. Used on terraces and balconies under exit doors or along façades. Made of high quality stainless steel, with an elegant and aesthetic design. Adjustable height.

Grill tarasowy
Terrace Grill

An alternative way to finish the surface directly over the roof drains. It allows access to the drain and layers under the surface. It has longitudinal perforations, vertically adjustable, with a frame suitable for planting in gravel. Resistant to high loads. Made of galvanized steel. It is installed in the terrace paving.

FR 50/ FR 75 Technical Sheet
BTR Technical Sheet
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