Solar energy production is becoming almost an integral part of flat roofs, in terms of fully utilised roof area. The combination of a green roof and solar technology seems ideal. The green roof layer system plays an anchoring and stabilising role for the photovoltaic panels, even in case of strong winds and storms. Compared to gravel roofs, green roofs increase the efficiency of photovoltaic panels by lowering the ambient temperature.

Note: photovoltaic battery systems require constant maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure their safe use by using roof fall protection equipment, such as Fallnet SB 200-Rail, which is compatible with mounting elements for ZinCo photovoltaic battery base system.

Baza pod baterie fotowoltaiczne SB 200
SB 200 Photovoltaic Battery Base

The panel is made of hard plastic (ABS) with an integrated aluminium profile system on the underside. Used with SGR photovoltaic battery frames. Element height approx. 43mm, weight with profiles approx. 7kg, capacity approx. 16L/m2. Mounting element made of stainless steel. M10 screws.

Rama pod baterie fotowoltaiczne SGR 25 / SGR 30 / SGR 45
SGR 25 / SGR 30 / SGR 45 Photovoltaic Battery Frame

Support frame made of one piece of aluminium, matching the SB 200 base in the ZinCo's system solution. Joining surface available with 25°/30°/45° angle. Length 950mm, weight 2.6-3.0kg/pc, material: aluminium-magnesium alloy, natural aluminium colour. Other sizes or shapes available on request.

Rama pod baterie fotowoltaiczne SGR-HV
SGR-HV Photovoltaic Battery Frame

A structurally tested, two-piece frame for the SB 200 base. Allows height adjustment up to 210mm. The tilt angle can be adjusted up to ±2°, ensuring adaptation to changes in roof pitch and allowing better positioning of the photovoltaic panels.

Profil do ram pod baterie fotowoltaiczne
Photovoltaic battery frame profile

The adapter profile especially recommended for installation of large photovoltaic panels on ZinCo SGR frame. Mounted with a minimum of two screws per profile. The bearing surface for the adapter profile on the frame must be at least 250mm, so that the adapter profile protrudes beyond this surface by a maximum of 450mm. For each frame, two profiles can be used to fix the top and bottom of the photovoltaic panels

Szprosy przeciwwiatrowe
Wind-resistant glazing bars

Flat aluminium bars forming glazing bars for photovoltaic battery frames (1m clearance). Wind-resistant glazing bars for photovoltaic systems should be installed at a maximum distance of 10m and for solar thermal systems at a distance of 7m. Due to the significant weight of the above systems, additional glazing bars should be installed at the front of the frame system. Please contact ZinCo's technical department for the exact placement of the glazing bars for your project.

Profil do mocowania baterii fotowoltaicznych
Profile for fixing photovoltaic batteries

SMP 38/33 mounting profile made of extruded aluminium, AlMgSi 0.5 F25, with profiled channel on top, including connectors and screws. Weight approx. 0.75kg/m. The fixing elements are used to fix SMP 38/33 profiles on ZinCo SGR frames. Requires 2 pieces per one SGR frame.

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