Natural Grey

NaturalGrey is produced exclusively from natural components. The composition and structure of the surface have been developed in cooperation with Polish scientific and research units and are subject to regular inspection.


Natural Grey Road

Natural Grey Road is a natural mineral paving dedicated to car and truck traffic, including fire roads. It differs from standard Natural Grey by its high resistance to weight and abrasion.

  • the surface passed all the required tests,
  • it is compliant with FLL guidelines and DIN standards,
  • it is water permeable, frost resistant, weight resistant and abrasion resistant,
  • it is completely safe and environmentally neutral,
  • it does not contribute to the formation of harmful fungi and other pathogens,
  • non-staining, easy to arrange and care
  • park alleys
  • footpaths
  • paths in playgrounds
  • woodland paths
  • cycle tracks
  • paths on golf courses
  • roadways, including fire roads (Natural Grey Road)

NaturalGrey and NaturalGrey Road surfaces may also be applied on green roofs, underground car park roofs and on all other places where ecological solutions are preferred.

We have mineral aggregates with a wide range of colours and any combination is possible to create surface colours. It is possible to obtain various shades of beige, yellow, red, grey, as well as to obtainmulti-coloured surfaces.

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