Resitrix waterproofing is a single-layer, highly flexible waterproofing membrane that combines the benefits of EPDM and polymer modified bitumen. Thanks to its bitumen-polymer bottom layer, it can be laid on any substrate, which makes it a very versatile material. Resitrix waterproofing can be easily sealed using hot air. No open flame required.


RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond is a self-adhesive, flexible, hot air-sealed waterproofing membrane that is resistant to root penetration.

FLL approved and certification according to DIN EN 13948.

It is perfect for roofs covered with both extensive and intensive vegetation. Suitable for installation on any surface.

Grunt podkładowy FG 35
FG 35 base primer

FG 35 base primer in combination with Resitrix self-adhesive sealing membranes is used on a variety of substrates. FG 35 contains solvents based on synthetic rubber and resins. The consumption is about 200g/m².

Elementy narożnikowe
Corner elements

Specially prepared corner elements are offered for sealing round elements and for finishing any corners. These elements are cut out of the special Resiflex SK expansion joint tape. They enable quick and comfortable finishing of internal and external corners. Die-cut elements in the shape of a circle with an oval cut-out for the outer corners, a closed circle for the inner corners and an oval tongue to complement the inner and outer corners. The minimum width of the elements is 190 mm. Or, it is possible to manually cut out shapes of the same size, mainly from self-adhesive materials.

Resitrix CL Technical sheet
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Resitrix SKW Technical sheet
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