The Green retention roof system is capable of storing from 80L/m2 and this amount can be increased depending on the system selected. A space can be built on a no slope extensive roof between the vegetation layer and the roof to store a certain amount of rainwater. To create this space, special spacers are installed under the vegetation layer. The roof drain is equipped with a damming element which slowly disperses the water into the drain through a small adjustable hole. This solution makes it possible to retain water on the roof in a much larger quantity than on a standard extensive roof, and gives the possibility to program the time of emptying this space.

The system combines the advantages of low maintenance with effective rainwater and snow-melt management. Rainwater can dam up to a certain height and run off through an overflow hole.

In addition to the extensive Sedum Carpet system, other forms of greening are also possible, including an intensive green roof with a specific substrate layer.


Technical data

system height from 150mm
system weight from 155 kg/m2
water capacity from 80 l/m2
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