The system based on Georaster elements enables the arrangement of roofs with a pitch exceeding 25oThis element, measuring 54 x 54cm and 10cm high, is easy to lay and requires no tools.

The connection of the grate elements is possible by means of clips and immediately gives a stable, flat surface. You can immediately walk on the surface covered with Georaster® and it can be filled with substrate. It is a self-supporting system. Thanks to the small volume of Georaster elements, there is relatively large space for the development of plant roots.

The choice of plants must take into account the extreme conditions of a steep roof, where, for example, the southern slopes are very exposed to sunlight and rainwater runs off much faster than on a flat roof. To avoid gaps that may occur in erosion-prone areas, irrigation should be provided, even if it will only be used in emergencies.

It must also be ensured that any roof stresses are directed to the stable gutter edges and any additional support elements. Georaster elements are also used as reinforcement for gravel terraces, road construction, securing slopes, etc.


Technical data

system height approx. 120 mm
system weight approx. 155 kg/m2
water capacity approx. 64 l/m2
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