Sedum Carpet is a visually attractive roof proposal in extensive cultivation, requiring no special care. The recommended drainage system is Floradrain FD 25-E which is sufficient to store the water required by the plants. It has adequate compressive strength, low height, and still allows you to walk on the roof. The small sedums recommended for this system are frost and wind resistant. The main flowering period is early summer, when yellow and red-white flowers predominate. The colour red predominates mainly in autumn. Throughout the year, the Sedum Carpet shimmers in various shades of green.

When sedum rhizomes are used, optimal roof coverage is achieved in 2–3 years. When mats are used, the effect is immediate.


Technical data

system height approx. 90 mm
system weight approx 95 kg/m2
water capacity approx. 25 L/m2
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