Due to its evapotranspiration properties, this system lowers the temperature of the surrounding area. Its properties are especially appreciated during hot and dry summers.

Sealed, concrete surfaces in urban areas generate the phenomenon of heat islands.

The evaporation capacity of a properly designed and installed “Green Climate Roof” system is up to 1000L per day. This is much more than the evaporation capacity of an adult tree.

Part of the “Green Climate Roof” is a special system for even irrigation of the vegetation layer called Aquafleece AF300. The evaporation effect is also ensured by appropriately selected plants with increased transpiration capacity.

So-called grey water (coming from e.g. laundry) can be used to irrigate plants. The plants in the system show tolerance to this type of water, which generates measurable savings.


Technical data

system height from 150mm
system weight od 150 kg/m2
water capacity od 45 l/m2
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