The drainage layer, the most important in the green roof system, is responsible for water retention, drainage of excess water and aeration of the green roof system.

The Floradrain drainage system is developed specifically for flat roofs. The drains with moulded recycled polyethylene components can store water and divert excess water to lower levels. The system ensures proper aeration of the plant root system. The DBV 12 thin drain is mainly used as a protective layer and terrace drain system.

Floraset drains include water storage buckets, aeration and diffusion holes, and a channel system to distribute water on the underside. Specially designed for large areas, the Floraset FS 75 and Floraset FS 50 slope-free drains can also be used on sloping roofs (up to 25 degrees). They must then be installed with the protrusions facing upwards.

For steeply sloping roofs, where the safety of the system is paramount, the Georaster grate element will work well. For special tasks, i.e. for use under paved surfaces, choose Stabilodrain, Elastodrain and Protectodrain.

All drainage elements, except for Floraset FS 50 and FS 75, are made from 100% recycled materials.


Drenaż Floradrain FD 25-E
Floradrain FD 25-E drain

The drainage used for extensive and simple intensive green roofs as well as, due to its high load resistance, for walkways and terraces; is made of heat-moulded recycled polyethylene. Butted together or installed with special clamps. It has water storage buckets and openings for aeration and diffusion. Also available in a roll with integrated non-woven filter fabric.

Drenaż Floradrain FD 40-E
Floradrain FD 40-E drain

The drain made of heat-moulded recycled polyethylene. It has water storage protrusions and holes for aeration and diffusion. Resistant to compression, butted together or installed with special clamps. Floradrain FD 40-E is used for extensive low-slope and intensive roofs, as well as for walkways and terraces, even with no slope. Also available in a roll with integrated non-woven filter fabric.

Drenaż Floradrain FD 60 neo
Floradrain FD 60 neo drain

The drain made of polyolefins with specially designed water storage protrusions. Used for intensive, no slope roofs, as well as under walkways and terraces; as stay-in-place formwork under concrete elements or base course layers associated with roadways. Very stable and resistant to compression; laid with system overlap.

Drenaż Aquatec AT 45
Aquatec AT 45 drain

A distribution, collection and emptying drain made of heat-moulded hard ABS, designed for use in conjunction with a drip-line system and DV 40 non-woven water absorbing fabric. The primary function of the system is to transport and collect water in the protrusions of the drainage element. The drip lines are installed in special drainage forms so that they dispense water precisely and use as much water as the plant needs.

Drenaż Floraset FS 50
Floraset FS 50 drain

Drainage panels for lightweight extensive flat and no slope roofs, made of CFC-free polystyrene (EPS). They contain water storage cells, aeration and diffusion holes and a system of channels for water distribution. They can be used on pitched roofs up to 25 degrees.

Drenaż Floraset FS 75
Floraset FS 75 drain

Drainage panels used both on flat and no slope roofs, and on pitched roofs (up to 25 degrees). Made of CFC-free polystyrene (EPS). They contain water storage cells, aeration and diffusion holes, and a channel system for water distribution. On a pitched roof, the special design of the protrusions prevents erosion of the substrate and vegetation.

Drenaż Stabilodrain SD 30
Stabilodrain SD 30 drain

Drainage made of heat-moulded polystyrene, used for roadways and parking lots; can be used on inverted roofs and in the systems with greenery. Very durable (recommended for fire roads); installation with system overlap: specially designed edges allow the panels to be permanently attached to each other.

Drenaż Elastodrain EL 202
Elastodrain EL 202 drain

Specially designed drainage for roadways with very high load resistance. Made of vulcanized rubber. Elastodrain EL 202 is particularly suitable for use under roadways and fire roads. Puncture resistant; noise reducing; non-rotting; bitumen compatible. The panels can be joined by means of special connectors.

Drenaż Protectodrain PD 250
Protectodrain PD 250 drain

Stable and resistant drainage panel made of hard plastic (ABS), with a layer of protective rubber on the underside (rubber with an overlap around the whole panel). Bucket structure. Easy to transport due to low weight. It can be used as a protective layer in accordance with DIN 18195 while also acting as a drainage system. Designed for vehicular traffic, puncture resistant, noise reducing, non-rotting, bitumen compatible. The panels can be joined together using special connectors.

Drenaż Fixodrive 50
Fixodrive 50 drain

Highly traffic-resistant drainage system for quick installation (material in rolls). Made of polyethylene with a composite filter layer of resistance class 3 and diffusion holes. For use on intensive green roofs, as well as walkways and roadways. Also suitable for inverted roofs.  

Drenaż Fixodrain XD 20
Fixodrain XD 20 Drain

Protective and drainage layer for quick laying on the roof (material in rolls). Made of heat-moulded recycled polypropylene; featuring a composite filter non-woven fabric. Drainage used onextensive roofs, as well as inverted roofs due to the presence of diffusion holes and a system of channels on the underside. Adequate height (2cm) ensures aeration of the root zone.

Drenaż DBV 10
DBV 10 drain

Drainage layer with bucket structure, made of polyethylene, with glued reinforced filter non-woven fabric. Typically, it is used in the construction of walkways and roadways with an aggregate base course; with drainage channels pointing in different directions for free and obstacle-free water distribution. For use also under terraces and as a protection of foundation walls.

Drenaż Retention-Spacer RS 60
Retention-Spacer RS 60 drain

Drainage element for use on retention, no slope roofs. It has a high water storage capacity and a system of channels to drain excess water. Its special design makes it possible to lay a green roof system with greenery on it. Made of polyolefins.

Elementy rozsączające wodę Retention-Spacer RSX 65 i RSX 100
Elementy rozsączające wodę Retention-Spacer RSX 65 i RSX 100
Retention-Spacer RSX 65 and RSX 100 water infiltration elements

Durable elements made of polypropylene for use on roofs without slopes, under structures designed for water retention. Dedicated to heavy loads (walkways and roadways). Biologically neutral material.

Element Georaster®
Georaster® element

The grate element used as a protection against sliding of the upper layers of the green roof on pitched and steep slopes, above 25 degrees. It can also serve as a support system for aggregate on slopes. High shear and compression strength with low weight. Self-supporting system. It guarantees plenty of space for plant roots to develop. Can be used with JEG Jute erosion control mat. [Photo 17]

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