Various sedum and grass species are recommended for extensive roof cultivation. These plants are low maintenance and adapted to extreme conditions. For the plants offered, we recommend using a suitable type of substrate with a large amount of porous aggregates, which will ensure permeability and lack of stagnation of water within the root system of the plants.

Vegetation mats

Our mats are manufactured in Poland, so they perfectly adapt to our local climatic conditions.

Standard types available:

  • Sedum Carpet vegetation mat
  • Rocky Mountain vegetation mat
  • Flower Meadow vegetation mat


  • easy and simple installation for immediate effect
  • 100% green-covered
  • variety of species to ensure biodiversity and flowering continuity
  • resistance to erosion
  • manufactured on a coconut mat and additionally reinforced with polypropylene insert
  • delivered on pallets prepared for vertical transport 
  • Product made in Poland

Sedum rhizomes

The rhizomes are a mixture of freshly cut sedum stems, obtained by pruning the mats. The shoots are sown just like grass seed or meadow flower seed. In the first phase of plant rooting, constant moisture in the substrate must be ensured and increased maintenance efforts must be taken into account. Full surface coverage is achieved after approx. 2 years. Unlike vegetation mats, they do not create an immediate visual effect.

The rhizomes are available between May and October. Efficiency 0.3-0.5kg/m²


  • easy and simple installation
  • variety of species (8-10 species)
  • an economical solution for greening your roof

The rhizome mix includes 8-10 species of the following sedums:

  • sedum album coral carpet
  • sedum album murale
  • sedum lydium
  • sedum acre
  • sedum sexangulare
  • sedum hispanicum minus
  • sedum spurium fuldaglut
  • sedum floriferum
  • sedum kamschaticum
  • sedum hybridum immergrunchen
  • sedum reflexum


Our seeds contain an admixture of organic glue, so that when they come into contact with a moist substrate, they will stick to it. This is an economical, easy and more diverse solution compared to sedum rhizomes. The seeds guarantee a variety of species and rich colours. Seed sowing should be done under windless conditions. It is advisable to keep the substrate constantly moist until the rooting effect is achieved.


  • easy and simple installation
  • variety of species and rich colours
  • an economical solution for greening your roof

Standard types available:

  • herb roof
  • grass roof
  • meadow in bloom

At your request, we can also prepare seed mixtures of various species of perennials, herbs and grasses with a flat root system adapted to the climatic conditions prevailing in a given location.

Vegetation Mat Information Leaflet
Sedum Carpet Mat Technical sheet
Rocky Mountain Mat Technical sheet
Flower Meadow Mat Technical sheet
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