The substrates for extensive planting are dedicated to roofs where sedums and less demanding rockery perennials are to be grown.

The plants recommended for extensive cultivation are extremely water-efficient and can survive prolonged periods of drought. These plants are usually specifically found in the desert, semi-desert and mountainous areas with minimal regular rainfall.
The substrate dedicated to this kind of plants consists mainly of mineral parts and a small amount of organic components.

We use recycled materials to manufacture our substrates.


Available substrate types:

  • Rocky Mountain
  • Sedum Carpet

The substrates with other design requirements and other uses are available upon request.

All types of substrates are produced on the basis of recycled materials; their weight, water capacity and proportions of mineral components and organic parts depend on the type of substrate.

Forms of delivery:

  • in bulk
  • in a big bag, approx. 1m3
  • Other forms of delivery available upon request.
Sedum Carpet Overview Technical Sheet
Rocky Mountain Overview Technical Sheet
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