Excess water should be effectively drained on a properly functioning roof. The roof drains are used for this and should always be unobstructed. Therefore, they should be checked and cleaned regularly. Access to them is provided by a control box located above the drain. The height and type of boxes are selected depending on the height of individual layers and the type of green roof system.

Skrzynka kontrolna KS 6 i KS 10
KS 6 and KS 10 Control Box

Control boxes (KS), 60 and 100mm high, suitable for all types of drain sizes up to 230mm. The height of the boxes can be increased by means of available superstructure elements (KSA). Dedicated to building and underground car park roofs with plantings and gravel roofs.

Skrzynka kontrolna KS 30
KS 30 Control Box

Stainless steel control box with a height of 300mm. The height can be increased by means of superstructure elements. Dedicated to roofs in systems that are approx. 30cm high and higher. Suitable for pedestrian traffic. The box has a PE flange enabling connection with filter non-woven fabrics. It is also available with a cover allowing it to be filled with material such as paving or gravel.

Skrzynka kontrolna BES
BES Control Box

Galvanized steel control box, 300mm high, adjustable upwards by means of additional rings, 15cm high. It features high strength and stability. Dedicated to access roads, heavy vehicular traffic, including fire roads. Equipped with sand separator, load-distributing collar and removable protective grid.

Skrzynka kontrolna AKS 8
AKS 8 Control Box

Control box, 80mm high, with the possibility to increase its height with standard superstructure elements (KSA). Specially designed for parapet drains. Without one side wall to allow inspection of the drain. Sturdy and stable, can also be used under pedestrian walkways.

Linia kroplująca 100-L1
100-L1 Drip-line

Sturdy drip-line with pressure compensation. It guarantees even water distribution along the entire length of the line. Drip head spacing of 100mm makes it compatible with Aquatec AT 45 drain system. Resistant to mechanical damage, root overgrowth, clogging and contamination.

Linia kroplująca 500-L2
500-L2 Drip-line

Heavy duty drip-line with 500mm drip head spacing, used in conjunction with Aquafleece AF 300 mat on irrigated extensive roofs. It guarantees even water distribution along the entire length of the line. Resistant to mechanical damage, root overgrowth, clogging and contamination.

Element spiętrzający ze stali nierdzewnej
Stainless Steel Damming Element

A damming element designed to retard water run-off from a roof. It is mounted on roof drains, on flat roofs. It is possible to adjust the height of water damming and the speed of outflow. It consists of a stainless steel flange with a rubber seal on the bottom and a vertically adjustable plastic overflow pipe.

Element spiętrzający PU
PU Damming Element

Damming element, made of copper, dedicated for retention roofs, guaranteeing water storage and delaying its run-off. Used on no slope roofs. It is mounted on a roof drain and secured tightly to the waterproofing membrane. It fits roof drains with a diameter of at least 100mm.


Profiles made of acid-resistant (stainless) steel and aluminum are intended for use on roofs and terraces. Especially recommended as the end of the roof edge, where no other limiting element is intended. They also work well as a separating element for the construction of gravel bands. Thanks to the perforation, the profiles perfectly transport excess water from the green roof layers.

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