Hydrobox is a geocomposite that retains (stores, absorbs) water. It consists of a protective non-woven fabric permeable to water, water retaining material (hydrogel/superabsorbent) and an internal skeleton allowing for its free swelling. The internal skeleton is a spatially structured mat. Hydrobox is certified by PZH (National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene).

The minimal dimensions of Hydrobox Profi retention geocomposite are 20x34x4cm and the minimum capacity of temporary retention of pure water is 2400cm3/pc. Hydrobox Profi is installed under the root ball of plants or in the case of trees around the root ball (Hydrobox G) at a depth of 15-30cm.

Hydrobox G is a special line of Hydrobox elements designed to be used together with aeration and irrigation systems (URBAN, HYDROGRILLE, ARBORVENT) installed around the root ball of newly planted trees. By combining these two elements, we increase the effectiveness of the supplemental doses of water administered.

When choosing the size of the Hydrobox element, you should take into account, among others, factors such as the water requirements of the plants to be planted, sun exposure, type of soil, and size of the seedlings. For trees with a covered root system, the total length of geocomposites should be no less than half the circumference of the root ball of the tree being planted. For other plants, assume that the diameter of the geocomposite should be close to the diameter of the root ball of the planted plant.


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