The system brackets are usually used in the construction of ventilated terraces. They work perfectly on surfaces with different levels. They do not require screeding or joining materials together. They come in different height variants with additional adjustment to increase the application range. They provide adequate ventilation under the paved surface and additional space, e.g. for cables.


Wsporniki systemowe Elefeet
Elefeet system brackets

Elefeet brackets are designed for pedestrian zones made of concrete slabs and natural stone, and for the construction of joists for wooden decks, on sloping and non-sloping surfaces. They have built-in spacers with a width of 3mm and adjustable height and angle to eliminate unevenness of the surface. Elefeet brackets can be matched with height increasing accessories, buffer pads, support slats, spacers or terrace grills and gutters. Elefeet brackets are weather resistant and will not damage the waterproofing membrane.

Podkładki systemowe Elastoring
Elastoring system washers

Round rubber pads dedicated to concrete slabs on flat roofs and terraces. Freeze resistant, flexible and non-slip. They allow for laying of concrete slabs on different surfaces thanks to slope pads or additional rings.
They have spacer tabs to create gaps between the panels.

Elefeet E Technical Sheet
Elefeet E Accessories Technical Sheet
Elefeet H Accessories Technical Sheet
Elastoring technical card
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