A properly designed and constructed green roof:
  • makes it possible to obtain additional biologically active area and additional usable area,
  • reduces gas emissions,
  • absorbs contaminants,
  • retains rainwater,
  • suppresses noise inside the building,
  • protects waterproofing against weather conditions,
  • saves energy for cooling/heating the building,
  • is a natural habitat for insects and birds,
  • fulfils aesthetic and recreational functions.

Why a green roof with ZinCo technology?

  • The first roofs in the ZinCo technology were created in the 1970s and they still perform their functions flawlessly today.
  • The first modern green roofs in Poland were created in the ZinCo technology. One of the first is the roof of the Warsaw University Library building from 1999.
  • The components of the green roof systems are made of recycled materials and are reusable. By using the ZinCo system, you reduce the carbon footprint and contribute to the development of the circular economy.
  • The quality and suitability of the ZinCo systems for the construction of green roofs have been confirmed by the European Technical Approval.
  • When choosing a green roof system in the ZinCo technology - both at the design and execution stage - you can count on free help from the best specialists with many years of practice and extensive substantive knowledge.
  • The ZinCo technology is a complete green roof system with a substrate. The complete system guarantees long-term trouble-free functioning of the roof.
  • Green roof systems with ZinCo technology are used all over the world. Their reliability has been tested in various environmental and climatic conditions.
  • Green roof systems in the ZinCo technology have been designed in such a way as to recreate, as closely as possible, the conditions prevailing on the native soil on the roof or ceiling of the underground garage.
  • In the ZinCo technology, it is possible to arrange any type of roof, from flat, sloping, steep and domed roofs, underground garage ceilings, patios, terraces and flower pots.
  • The ZinCo technology allows you to arrange the roof in any way, from extensive greenery to magnificent roof gardens, playgrounds, water reservoirs, pedestrian and driveways.
  • A green roof in the ZinCo technology can be made on any type of waterproofing, from ordinary roofing felt to EPDM waterproofing.

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