The Rocky Mountain solution is a system that allows the roof to be landscaped with larger perennials, herbs and grasses for a more refined look with individual character.

The vegetation consists of a variety of plant species that provide a long flowering period and offer different accents throughout the growing season. The minimum substrate height is 80mm. As in the Sedum Carpet system, water and nutrients are mostly delivered through natural processes. The rainwater is collected in the Floradrain drainage buckets and from there it feeds the roots of the plants through diffusion. The protective mat provides an additional water storage function. Excess water is drained away by drainage system.

Sedum species and other perennials are used primarily as ground cover. The ready-made vegetation mat, dedicated to the system, has the same name: the Rocky Mountain mat. Manual planting allows you to shape more elaborate designs. Planting can be combined with manual seeding. Example seed mixes such as “Meadow Scents”, “Country Colours” and “Grassy Pasture” provide roofs with a very attractive, nature-like appearance.


Technical data

system height approx. 100 mm
system weight approx. 110 kg/m2
water capacity approx. 36 l/m2
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