Complete systems for tree planting in urban areas

The life conditions for urban trees are very different from those in their natural habitat.

A tree growing in a forest environment:

  • favourable microclimate
  • rich, fertile soil with plenty of nutrients and humus
  • uncompressed natural compost from leaves
  • plenty of space for root growth
  • plenty of moisture

A tree growing in the city:

  • concrete and asphalt pavements, raising the ambient temperature and reflecting solar radiation
  • exposure to wind, road salt and vandalism
  • compressed soil
  • the need to compete for space with numerous underground utilities

The trees in the city are exposed to many dangers, often become a threat themselves

The shallow root system of a tree planted in the surface, makes the tree unstable.

Lack of access to air and water and inability for roots to grow deep into the soil destroys surfaces.

Complete restoration of natural conditions for trees in the city is not possible, but to a large extent it is possible to increase their chances for stable, normal development through professional design and implementation of plantings.

Greenleaf Arbor System

Greenleaf Arbor System has been on the market since the 1990s. It is used where tree plantings are made in harsh concrete surroundings, where trees are exposed to wind, road salt and vandalism. It is indispensable in places where tree roots encounter compressed soil, are forced to compete for space with numerous utilities and, once they manage to develop a root system, run the risk of being maimed by someone digging an excavation or renovating a side walk.

The Greenleaf Arbor System is also a protection of all types of foundations, paving and utilities below the ground against damaged caused by tree roots.


The materials from which the individual components of the system are made are resistant to external factors, durable and not susceptible to rust.

The individual elements of the system can be used separately or as a complete set.

System components are made of recycled materials.


Greenlaf Arbor System core functions:
  • Root, surface and utility protection
  • Irrigation and aeration
  • Preventing soil compression
  • Directing roots into the soil
  • Tree stabilisation
  • Trunk and root ball guard
Greenleaf System features:
  • the possibility of directing the roots of trees so that they are properly protected against external factors (excessive drying, road salt, mechanical damage), and at the same time do not pose a threat to the paving, buildings or underground installation systems,
  • guarantee of proper aeration of the root system,
  • guarantee of the right amount of water going directly to the root system,
  • protection against soil compression within the tree,
  • biodegradable tree ties made from jute and vegetable oils that break down over time,
  • resistance of individual elements of the system to external damage,
  • underground anchoring of the root ball not interfering with the landscape,
  • quick and easy installation,
  • “discreet” elements of the system, unobtrusive,
  • wide range of external elements such as grates, trunk guards, possibility of matching the existing design,
Places of application

The system is recommended for urbanised areas, in particular:
  • in green belts that are narrow and exposed to compression and pollution
  • in the city centres, on paved, heavily devastated areas
  • in parking areas, squares and pedestrian walkways (e.g. footpaths)
  • where there are pipes, installation systems and other utilities beneath the surface
  • in elegant places, in order to eliminate e.g. unaesthetic staking system
  • in places with lowered groundwater level (e.g. slopes, investment areas)
  • when replanting existing stands, to alleviate stress conditions, and in all other locations unsuitable for tree growth
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