The system is dedicated to the vegetation layer in regions with predominantly dry seasons. Climate change is evident through prolonged periods of drought and brief but rapid precipitation. The extensive vegetation, which so far has not required additional irrigation, copes with the new conditions in such a way that only the most resistant species remain on the roof after the first growing season. The roof area is then not evenly vegetated. Between well-developed green plant clumps, non-vegetated areas are visible as remnants of weaker species.

Chcąc zachować równowagę i wzbogacić dobór gatunkowy roślin, można zastosować system dodatkowego nawodnienia. Nawodnienie znajduje się podobnie, jak w systemie „Dach klimatyczny”, pod substratem.

This maximises the efficiency of your automatic irrigation. Water is supplied in the amount necessary for the proper development of vegetation. This system guarantees the development of a variety of plant species. A thicker layer of substrate is not required and therefore the weight of the roof does not increase.


Technical data

system height approx. 130 mm
system weight approx. 120 kg/m2
water capacity approx. 37 l/m2
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